Grevena can be reached only by car. The city is located 484 kilometers from Athens, 170 kilometers from Thessaloniki, 100 kilometers from Ioannina, about 140 kilometers from Larissa and 87 kilometers from Trikala. The city can be easily reached via Egnatia Motorway from any region of northern Greece and via the city of Trikala and Larissa from southern Greece.

Kastoria is connected by airline services to Athens, by the “Aristotle” international airport, which is located at the town of Argos Orestiko. The access to the district is easy via the Egnatia Motorway. Alternatively, one may use the old National Road. The city is located 547 kilometers from Athens via the city of Larissa and 479 kilometers via the city of Trikala, 191 kilometers from Thessaloniki, 170 kilometers from Ioannina, 195 kilometers from Larissa and 151 kilometers from Trikala.

From northern Greece the city of Kozani can be reached by car via the Egnatia Motorway, while it is connected to southern and central Greece via the “Larissa-Kozani” National Road or via provincial roads. Furthermore, Kozani is connected by airline services to Athens and to Kastoria by the “Filippos” National Airport, which is located on the 4th kilometer of the “Kozani-Larissa” National Road.

The city of Florina is located 585 kilometers from Athens and 173 kilometers from Thessaloniki. Daily there are two bus routes to Athens, six to Thessaloniki, six to Kozani and three to Kastoria, through Aminteo. Additionally, urban and regional routes connect the city of Florina to all the villages and smaller towns of the district through asphalt paved roads, while urban buses serve the city’s neighborhoods. Furthermore, the city is connected to former Yugoslavia via the border checkpoint of Niki and to Albania via the border checkpoint of Kristalopigi.

Airports connected to Athens are located in Kozani (81 kilometers from Florina) and in Kastoria (100 kilometers from Florina via Aminteo, 67 kilometers via Vigla and 60 kilometers via Vitsi).